First Full Day at BNU: Sherry in Beijing

Jet lag strikes again! On my first full day of being on the BNU campus, I woke up at 5:30am. We had to be down for breakfast at 8am. So wasting the next 2 and half hours with my roommate, we walked down to breakfast with our group. We headed over with our professor to a small stand where they served dishes. The line to the meat and veggies buns was long, so we all opted to get this unique treat that a mix between a breakfast burrito and a crepe. It had this crunchy taste to it and some yummy lettuce. It was delicious.

Next, we made sure to buy some water since tap water is not healthy to use in Beijing. We’ve been using bottled water to brush our teeth so far. Afterwards we took a small break before heading to class. The class was mostly about Michigan’s programs in Psychology for the BNU students, but afterwards we got to talk to students about the projects we completed. It was nice to talk to the students and then eat lunch with some of them after.

The fun, but exhausting part of our day was walking around the streets by BNU. We found a lot of cute shops, along with some places with some really cute cakes that we flagged for later. I’m super excited to eat those next time!

Later, we had dinner at a cute restaurant called Friendship Restaurant and went to a seminar from our professor Dr. Miller. We talked about preschool education differences. Right after that, we rushed straight to our dorm because we had BNU students waiting for us. They were assigned to us, so I got to talk to Yoko, a freshman at BNU. It was fun, and we planned to hang out more during my stay at BNU.

I am exhausted, so I’m going to head to bed. Hopefully I won’t wake up at 5am tomorrow!


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