First Week At BNU: Part 2: Sherry in Beijing

The next day, we went to Tianan’men Square and walked towards the building that held Mao Zedong. He was the first chairmen of the Republic of China and many people respected him. We were not allowed to bring bags in, so we left them with Eejain. We were not allowed to take pictures either. As we walked in, many people bought white flowers to pay respect to him. We learned that they resold those same flowers to help profit, since the viewing was free. Once we walked near the coffin, Mao held an orange glow. While a lot of him must have been reconstructed over time, there were parts of him still there. It was a quick trip and we left the building. Reconvening with Eejain after, we met up and talked about Mao.

After, we got massages nearby at a blind masseuse location. It was interesting, though I realized not all of them were blind. It was so comfy, especially after all these days of walking. That night, we meet up with a BNU student who took us to the mall. It was quite interesting because it was different than the mall were were used too. There were so many floors, probably around 6 or 7 floors, with two floors below.

Yesterday, we went to the Great Wall of China. It should have been called the Great Staircase and Great Wall because it was an exhausting trip. Initially, we took a leisurely 1 hour ride on a comfy bus. Once we got there, it probably took us half an hour to climb up all the stairs to get the to Great Wall. Though, cable car is another method to get up at a cost. We split into groups and travelled the wall. My group started on a side that others didn’t and it was so beautiful. There were stairs that were literally vertically up! It was so cool! After climbing around for almost 4 hours, we headed back on the bus. Lunch was snacks so we were all looking forward to dinner. We went to a place called Hai De Lao, which was a famous Hot Pot restaurant. Hot Pot is a dish that gives you a boiling pot and you pick dishes to boil. The service is amazing. They help with everything and give a theatrical performance with the noodle dish.

Today, we went to the dirt market. It was rainy, so it was a little tough moving around. I haggled for the first time, so that was interesting. I managed to buy an incense holder and it was so beautiful. The sellers all seemed really nice, so sometimes it was hard to argue for a price. Coming back, my feet were soaked from the rain so I’m glad to be resting now, especially since I’m sore from the Great Wall still.

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