End Of Week 2: Fun Times in Xi’an And Another Train Ride: Sherry in Beijing

Day 2 in Xi’an was amazing. We took an hour long bus ride to get to the Terracotta Army. The bus was comfy, but the most shocking thing is that they had people stand on this nice bus. It wasn’t just normal city buses where this was a thing. The Terracotta Army area was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There were three pits, but pit one was the largest. There were so many soldiers discovered, and it’s incredible that it was constructed for the first emperor. It was discovered in 1947. We took lots of pictures of the soldier and it was great to see some replicas up close in the museum as well.

Afterwards, we took the subway to a nearby market. We ate a restaurant with the legendary Xi’an noodles. They were thick and had traces of the Sichuan pepper, which made my tongue mildly numb. We went through the market to browse to prepare us to come back tomorrow to make more purchases. Our professor bought us all artwork, and it was all so beautiful. I chose a really beautiful one with birds in the moonlight. The detailing is so amazing:)

So, the next day, we went a museum about the history of Xi’an. Afterwards, we stopped by a mosque nearby the market. It was so cool to see the beautiful structures. We stopped by the market and got lots of souvenirs for family and friends. Some people got fish pedicures, where small fish eat the dead skin on your feet.

The last day at Xi’an, we got to bike the city wall. We first dropped our luggage off at the train station, which felt like a walk that never ended. Afterwards, we walked up the city wall towards the area to rent bikes. We all got our own bikes and prepared lots of sunscreen because it was a  really sunny, hot day. Though, I think I still got slightly burned and definitely tan that day. We spent a few hours and biked the entire city wall. It was exhausting but so beautiful! Before we boarded the train, we went to a nearby park and got to go on a paddle boat. It was great!

Finally, we boarded the train and bid Xi’an farewell! We were exhausted and it didn’t take long to fall asleep. Back to Beijing we go~


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