Week 3: Start! Sherry in Beijing

Another delay in posting. I’ll have the two posts of week three up in a jiffy! This was a super fun, but sad week because it was ending before we knew it. Everyone on the trip had accustomed to Beijing life so well!

After we arrived to Beijing from the train, we were ready for our free day! I was excited to off the train, but it was an exhausting walk back. At first sight of Xinsong, our hotel/dorm, I was overjoyed to be somewhere where i was much more familiar with. I happily retrieved my key with my roommate and we went to our room. The first things in our mind was to shower! After a good rest and relaxation moment, our tummies were rumbling. With a few others, we stopped by a close restaurant called Oishi, which was a Japanese restaurant. It was delicious and definitely filled me up! After the meal, we met up with most of the traveling group and one of the GSIs of the class took us to somewhere she went a lot when she was a BNU student. It was filled with shops, mall, and bookstores. It was an area where no cars were allowed so we didn’t have to keep our sixth sense open for moving cars.

The next day, we intended to go to the 798 district, which is this artsy area. My grandparents live near there so I’ve been there a lot and it’s definitely very cool if you are art-inclined. However, we took the wrong bus so we went to the Beijing Zoo instead! The animals were adorable! We saw a few pandas, and even witnessed one poop in action. Then, we went for lunch and it was delicious as usual!

Then, Thursday came upon us and it was the best day in my opinion. That morning we had the leave the earliest of any morning: 8:10am! We took a nice, comfy bus to a preschool. It was really nice preschool and there seemed to so much to play with. I wanted to just play with the preschoolers all the time, but we also spent time observing them. Afterwards, we went to a migrant school. A migrant school is for students whose parents migrated to Beijing from outside the city, since that wasn’t technically “legal” in China. It was so weird to know that this was a thing! We taught the kids English in a 45-minute lesson and they were so adorable. Afterwards, they rushed to get everyone’s autographs. A friend and I went to the bathroom after the lesson and it was definitely the oddest experience I had. There weren’t technically stalls and each “spot” had open rectangles for the toilets.

Next up: the day we go to 798 district(for reals)!


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