Norms: GIEU India 2015 (by Alexis)

Something that I have noticed during the time that I’ve been in India is that passing through a crowd is what seems to be an aggressive movement. People push and shove their way through yet it isn’t considered rude, you almost can’t get anywhere without being pushy yourself. You have to show your urgency in order to not be shoved around so much. The bathroom was a place where this type of movement was really prominent; there are no lines in the bathroom you just push your way to a stall and go in when you get the chance, it doesn’t matter who was first.  In America this type of action would be looked down upon considered rude even, but here that is just how it works.

Another norm that I have noticed is hand holding. As you just take a look around the crowd of people you most likely see some guys casually holding hands, as well as women. It seems as though hand holding is a very common practice. At first I thought it was just a way to not lose each other in the big crowds, but then I hand my own experience with this.  A lot of people want to shake my hand because I am from America, but many don’t just shake my hand they hold it, which to me seemed a little strange having a stranger hold my hand and me awkwardly pulling it away. But as it happened more and more I have come to realize that it is more of a gesture of politeness.

These norms may be seen as rude in America but here they are just how things work. I must admit how absolutely amazed I am just watching how the crowd flows so smoothly with what seems to be such chaotic movements.



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