Primera Impresiones de Granada (Roderick in Granada)


I’ve never been to a place that looks like Granada! The streets are made of a marble-type material in most places, and a lot of people drive mopeds! In the states, you don’t see many mopeds, and their cars are much smaller than the ones I see in Michigan. There are shops everywhere and I love how central my homestay family lives.  At night, I hear people screaming and shouting at 3 am, and the streets of my hometown aren’t that loud at that time.  Practically everything is walkable here, and I love the accessibility here.  It feels just as safe as Ann Arbor. The day is longer than the day in Michigan so at 10pm, its usually dark or starts getting dark, but it’s more like 7 or 8pm in Michigan.

I go by the motto “Everything happens for a reason” so with that, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s all a learning experience and I am loving all of it! There’s nothing I’m too upset that I left at home, but it would be nice if I packed more shorts! The heat here is more intense than I thought!

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