Exploring London (Arnold in England)

One of the highlights of my CGIS program, Contemporary London, involved my experiences exploring the city with my classmates. Exploring Westminster was an amazing experience because the city is absolutely magisterial. Within Westminster, I noticed a surplus of tourists. In fact, a few recognized the University of Michigan flag that one of my classmates was carrying.

Westminster is such an iconic area of central London that I felt as if I knew the area really well, despite it being my first time there. The first place my class stopped in the city was the Palace of Westminster. We took hundreds of photos with Big Ben and in red phone booths in the area. In person, these landmarks are more monumental than pictures make them seem. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous.

After taking pictures of Big Ben and the Palace, we walked across the Westminster Bridge. Walking across the bridge was fun in itself because of the hundreds of locals that were interacting with tourists and serving food. On the other side of the bridge, my class walked up the river towards the London Eye. Together we rode the eye and the view of the city from the top was absolutely amazing.LondonEye1

For information on the Contemporary London Program through the Center for Global and Intercultural Studies click here.


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