Last Day of Classes (Karissa in London)

Today is my last day of classes here at King’s College London, and honestly, I’m kind of bummed. I really enjoyed the classes and the professors and students here, and I will genuinely miss seeing them, learning with them, and talking and discussing with them. (I will not, however, miss getting up at 7 am every morning, shouldering my way onto the bumpy tube, sweating sardined in the car for a half hour, or hurriedly walking to class in that bitter windy mist thing that is winter weather here in the UK. Though, maybe I will miss even these elements eventually.)

It feels like my time here is drawing to a close since classes are over, but really, I still have 2 and a half months here. Almost half way still. Nonetheless, these months will be full of essay writing and traveling, and I am sure they will go by fast.

The highlights of my education here have been:

  • My Viking class, located on the 8th floor of the Strand building with one of the best views in London, with Westminster, Ben, and the Eye to the west, and the Gherkin, Shard, Tower Bridge, and St Paul’s to the east, all glimmering in the early morning sunlight. My professor was knowledgeable and, in a word, adorable in his enthusiasm and mannerisms. The students were a range of friendly Brits and amusing Americans, and we really spent half the class period just having a chinwag.
  • My Fin-de-Siecle literature class, its seminar discussions my favorite class to attend. The professor was sweet, friendly, amusing, and fabulous at leading and letting us lead the discussion of the pieces we read. The students were insightful and humorous as well, making this one of the most enjoyable seminars I have had the privilege to be a part of, especially since I was the only American. And the literature was quite enjoyable, especially with such an interesting historical context. Oh I loved this class.

Here’s to King’s College London! I will always remember you fondly~




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