Week Five/ Semana Cinco (Alyssa in Spain)

Monday, August 1st:

Today was a day to explore around the city. First we went to Time Out, a market/food court. It was all amazing. The food we ate was out of this world. It wasn’t just some lame food court in a mall, every place was like a mini restaurant. Caroline and I split salmon with egg and mushroom and fresh oysters. They were the best mushrooms and oysters I had ever had in my life. After, macaroons and some other pastry that was great. The macaroons were port wine flavored, yum. Port wine is a very strong wine that Portugal is famous for. I liked it when I tried it, but it was just super strong. At the markets I finished shopping for gifts for my family. I wanted to shower them with all of the cool stuff that was here. All I kept thinking was that I wished they could be here to see this.

spain6After we walked around the city, ending up at this beautiful look out point. It was breathtaking. After we headed back and cleaned up house and left. We took the metro near the train station, ending up at this mall. We grabbed food, shopped, and walked by the coast waiting for our train back home.

Lisbon was just a dream. The vibes of the city, the food, even the people were just magnificent. It was so beautiful. I wish I can come back at later in my life.


Tuesday, August 2nd:

I had an exam the next day, so today was spent studying. I went to my teacher’s office hours and we chatted. I love talking to her because she helps me so much with my confidence and perspectives in Spanish. It helped me get motivated to do amazing these next to weeks and really try to speak Spanish as often as I could.

And interestingly enough when I got home today there was a little surprise. Two people from Germany, a mother and 16 yr old son, would be staying with my host mom and I for the next two weeks while they both took classes. Its was strange at first because I forgot that that could be a possibility and I was so used to having her just be my host mom. It was a little awkward at first when we spoke but after dinner when we were doing homework together we warmed up to each other.

Update: The twins also talk to me now, which makes me so happy!

Wednesday, August 3rd:

The exam wasn’t awful, and after I went on a run and to the pool. It was a nice relaxing day.

Karaoke night was a success as per usual. Made friends with the The Tunas. Stayed out till sunset, a grand success considering all of the Spaniards do it and I have managed to finally after almost five weeks haha.

Thursday, August 4th:

Class excursion! We went to La Guerra Civil Archives and learned more about its history and saw some artifacts. We went to Casa Lis. That place never gets old. It was all amazing. After we met up with another class and we ate at Oroviejo, it was also yummy. We got way too much food than we needed but all of it tasted incredible. After was a nap and then relaxation for the excursion tomorrow at 6 AM.

Friday, August 5th:

Excursion time! Becca, Kelsie, and I (and also a few other Michigan students) signed up with our International Cursos program to go to Andalusia for the weekend. The rest of us 40 were all from Asia. I only note this because the entire time they hardly spoke English or Spanish, so it was very interesting to say the least.

We took a six hour bus ride to Sevilla, where we toured the world’s third largest cathedral and also world’s oldest, most historical cathedral. It was so beautiful. As I wish I was a more religious person at these times, I definitely had so much respect for all of the history and  beauty it had. It was out of this world.

After, we had free time, we walked around and found Plaza España, the central plaza of Sevilla. It was beautiful. (I’m at a lack of adjectives here, give me a break) There were row boat rides for super cheap, so we went on a row boat ride for had an our around the plaza. It was a blast, but let’s just say I am not meant to be a rower.

After we walked back to the hotel and got around for dinner. Dinner was spectacular as per usual. After we tried Cava, a champagne that Andalusia is known for. It was tasty!

Saturday, August 6th:

I. Was. So. Ill. I don’t know why. Maybe the heat, the sun, dehydration, exhaustion, and a slight hangover from the wine and champagne  all combined to one horrible experience. I really wanted to go on the tours still and experience the cities, so I joined the Indian archives, and after the ungodly two hour bus ride to Granada, the Chapel tour. After I had to walk back to the hotel and sleep. Today was not the best day to say the least. Unfortunately for me I’m directionally challenged and got lost. I ended up taking a taxi back and then just slept the rest of the night.

Sunday, August 7th:

I felt a lot better thank god! Today was the day we visited the Alhambra, A palace and village. It was so beautiful and there was so much history and symbolism behind it. Afterwards was the lovely eight hour bus ride back home (Lol, Salamanca feels like home now.)

It was not great. we ate breakfast at 7 AM before the Alhambra, and did not eat until 4:30, and then we stooped for dinner at 8:00, when no-one was hungry. I have yet to understand Spaniard’s eating schedules.

After getting home I went to bed.  I haven’t mentioned this yet but I have been recently watching a ton of Teen wolf before bed. Spain’s Netflix is different. In high school I watched this show so much and then fell behind. Can I finish 4 seasons before I leave? Stay tuned. Lol at my life for watching Netflix in Spain instead of going out and exploring. At Season 2 right now though so I’m making progress.


To learn more about the (Language and Culture in Salamanca) program, please visit: M-Compass


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