Peer Advisors & Diversity Interns


Chelsea Schwandtchelsea

Chelsea is a senior studying Psychology and Spanish. She is currently applying to graduate school for School Psychology and hopes to begin in the Fall of 2015. Chelsea studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain during the Summer of 2013 and loves learning about Spanish language and culture. She also teaches 3rd grade Spanish through A2LP, volunteers at the Sunfield Center, and is the Vice Multi-Media Chair for Timmy Global Health. She enjoys traveling, doing yoga, drinking iced coffee and spending time with friends and family.


Loritta Chanmeoxford

Loritta is a senior and studies Economics and South Asian Studies, with a minor in Program in the Environment. She studied Environmental Studies at St. Peter’s Summer School, University of Oxford during Summer 2012. Loritta is involved with the Tzu Ching Collegiate Association (TCCA) where she teaches English to Chinese elderly, and translates articles. She loves learning new languages, and enjoys taking long walks, listening to music and learning how to cook properly.


Kashira Pattersonkashira

Kashira is a senior with a Psychology and a Community Action and Action and Social Change minor. She worked at Jachie DA 1 as a Secondary School teacher in Ghana, West Africa through the GIEU program. She also participated in the Contemporary London Program. On campus, she is involved in The Detroit Partnership, The Student Campaign Committee, Distinguished and she is the co-founder of The Movement Dance Team. Kashira is passionate about music and all things related to entertainment culture. Upon graduation she plans to attend Law School in California with hopes of becoming an entertainment lawyer.

Jayla Johnsonjayla

 Jayla is a senior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in International Security, Norms, and Cooperation. She participated in the CGIS French 230 program in Grenoble, France during the summer following her freshmen year with fellow CGIS Advisor Max. Jayla is involved in many student organizations on campus and holds various leadership positions within the Michigan community. Most notably, she serves as the President of the Black Undergraduate Law Association and a Resident Advisor in Stockwell Hall. Jayla loves traveling and experiencing new cultures, and when she is not working hard at the office, she can be found pinteresting sugar scrub recipes and listening to the latest Sarkodie songs.

Max Blinderman max

I’m a Junior studying Economics with a minor in Writing. The spring semester after my freshman year, I participated in the French 230 program in Grenoble, France (alongside fellow PA Jayla!) and am going to participate in GCC Tokyo this upcoming May. World travel is one of my passions; so is Kanye West.





Mylaica ConnerIMAG3499

Mylaica is in her third year, and studies Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. She is very interested in behavior, specifically that of children, criminals, and comparatively across cultures. Mylaica went on a Global Course Connections Program in Beijing and Xi’an, China. The focus of that program was education psychology. While in China, she was able to see education inequity in the works, first hand and she really drew an interest there. She absolutely loves learning and finds joy in surrounding herself with love and good energies. She enjoys watching movies of all genres, being with her family and Shih Tzu, figuring out ways she can be an asset to the world and being in the sun.


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